JavaScript stopwatch and timer with a debugging feature that can be turned on or off. This was the final project for a JavaScript class I took in 2017. Per the project spec, only one of the clocks may run at a time. The CSS isn’t very pretty (and WordPress isn’t helping) but it was a pretty neat little logic project! Source code can be found on GitHub.


Start/Pause   Restart/Reset

Note: The Restart/Reset button will return the timer to zero and start timing again if clicked while the timer is running. If the timer is stopped, the Restart/Reset button will set it to zero but it will not run again until “Start” is hit.

Countdown Timer


Start/Pause Timer

Please enter the countdown timer length enter up to 10 minutes in 00:00:00 format (minutes:seconds:hundredths)

Debug Tools

Debug on/off Hide Debug

Debug Output Info: